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I Ching
An ancient oracle or spiritual teaching tool from China. It takes some time to understand the symbolism, but this is a powerful window on human experience.
Free readings: www.onlineclarity.co.uk/
Imaginary numbers
Is the square root of -1 ( "i" ) something that exists in the world or just a place-holder for math whizzes with no grasp on "reality"?
What is mathematics, anyway?
(What is "reality", anyway?)
Article: www.friesian.com/imagine.htm
Imaginary numbers have been found to describe real events, the formation of galaxies for example, showing that the "imaginary" world intersects the "real" one.
The mathematician Euler showed: e i π = -1.
( "π" ) is the well known "pi", the ratio between the circumference and the diameter of a circle, and ( "e" ) is the natural logarithm. All three terms are irrational numbers - numbers that slip between the ordinary, "rational" numbers, defying exact definition.
Since three points define a plane, this seems to point to another, non-rational, reality, as well as, perhaps, why we cannot "square the circle", a geometric exercise that has challenged since (at least) the ancient Greeks.
Does seem important.......
Impossible Correspondence
A large website with articles on many edge scientific theories - harmony, gravity, mathematics - attempting to connect a vast amount of research into a sacred science. Similar to (this) Why Cat website in it's goals, although written in more technical language, more about physics, and much larger.
Web site (archived): www.rgrace.org/
Inca Mysteries
Ivan Watkins Ph.D. has examined the marks left by ancient Inca stonecarvers under the microscope. His conclusion - they were cut with laser - like heat. He then found records of the Spanish conquistadores finding gold bowls over 10 feet in diameter and speculated they were solar collectors used to cut the stones.
(a good job. Watkins could have made noise about "proving" the Inca had lasers. Instead he looked deeper, and found a reasonable explanation. Yet the ability to make mirrors so precisely, and the knowledge of optics needed to determine the necessary shape, certainly are high technological arts unknown in Europe at the time)
Article: lauralee.com
Ica stones Strangely beautiful carved stones from Peru - either a well-done hoax or a deep mystery. Article: crystalinks.com There's a lot of speculation about the Ica stones, which seem to show ancient high technology and dinosaurs, and a lot of mystical interest. labyrinthina.com seems to cover the issue, but there is a lack of scholarly interest in the Ica stones. These stones, found near the Nazca lines, should not be easily dismissed.
Andes Tunnels
A prehistoric underground tunnel system that allowed Inca rulers quick access to their mountainous empire and the lost treasure that may still exist underground.
Tunnel Article: by David Hatcher Childress.
New research on Inca string writing
A big Inca mysteries site: www.labyrinthina.com/

William Sullivan - Inca Astrology embedded in myth -
Sullivan Article: www.lauralee.com/articles/incas.htm
A great Machu Picchu Photo site
The Nazca Lines (or Nasca) and glyph figures may come from a pre - Inca time in Peru. Carved shallowly in the desert floor and on surrounding hills - an area of 400 square miles - their meaning confounds researchers. Nazca lines photos and info: www.crystalinks.com/
The Incunabula Papers
Tales of a group of high level physicists who moved to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, to explore and migrate to alternate dimensions. Quantum theory, chaos math, psychoactive drugs, and lucid dreaming all swirl 'round. Hold on to your (Ong's) hat.
Joseph Matheny's Web site: www.deoxy.org/irc/
www.incunabula.org seems to be members only
the Iroquois Constitution
Long before the White man came to these shores the Indians of North-East North America had a highly evolved and sensible government. This Confederacy was an important source of what became the US Constitution.
Article: www.jcrows.com/iroquois.html
Arkadiusz Jadczyk PhD, and Laura Knight-Jadczyk
The Cassiopaea experiment - Channeled Beings from the future and hard nose physics co-existing. There is a lot to absorb here.
Website: www.cassiopaea.org

John Major Jenkins
The Mayan Calendar is based on a series of astrological cycles. Each cycle has a point where it ends and the next cycle begins- groups of cycles compose larger and yet larger cycles... One of the largest will end at the winter equinox in 2012, a thought that has many people concerned. Jenkins provides a detailed, sympathetic study. Website also has material on Finnish Kalevala Mythology.
Web site: edj.net/mc2012/fourahau.html
Jerusalem Wall tunnel tour
The famous "Wailing Wall" of old Jerusalem is a part of the enclosure of Solomon's Temple. Much of the rest, buried for centuries, has been recently excavated. This website is a fascinating look back in history.
Jerusalem tunnel: www.aish.com/
Charles Johnson
The science and mathematics of the ancients
Web site: www.earthmatrix.com/

. . . ever wonder about too much good karma? Perhaps the person who overly dedicates himself to helping others has to endure being helped again and again and again over lives and lives . . .
Actually the Sanskrit "karma" means work. use it in a spiritual context and it's a better idea. . .
"my karma just ran over my dogma"
Kennewick Man
A 9,000-year-old set of Human bones found in Eastern Washington State. Some believe he has European features and should be carefully studied. Native Americans believe he should be reburied immediately, that disturbing ancient bones puts the spirit of the dead in great pain.
Web site: www.tri-cityherald.com/bones
Ken Kesey
Acid Shaman and Merry Prankster. While there were no leaders in Haight-Ashbury, there were people who were in front and Ken was decidedly in front. If you want to touch the magic of that time Ken Kesey is a good place to start.
"It's the sense of there being some kind of religious movement happening that is not under the control of large government and large religion, that this is a wild and powerful thing, and nobody is in charge of it. It isn't under anybody's thumb. And it really worries people when they see that kind of thing happening.
And as long as it's undifferentiated, it remains kind of free and vulnerable. It's only when they decide 'we're going to save the whales', or 'we're going to do this', that they can draw a bead on you."
. . . from: Dupree's Diamond News - issue 23
"I had this very strong feeling that having a (Bus) name like Further (Furthur) would contribute impetus to keeping it going, - when it might get stuck, or broken down - that the word would have power - like Shazam . . . " quote from intrepidtrips website
Website: www.intrepidtrips.com/
Prankster history: www.pranksterweb.org/
see also listings for Jerry Garcia and Diggers.

Kirlian photography
Developed in Russia in the 1930's by Semion and Valentina Kirlian, this is claimed to be an effective method of photographing the aura of living things. A lot of disagreement about what this is.
Article: (no photos) www.themystica.com/
Article: www.thiaoouba.com/kir.htm
A few photos: www.kirlian.com/
Dr. Howard Klein
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. (PCRM)
The power of preventive medicine and good nutrition. Ethical issues involved with animal experimentation and human research.
Website: www.pcrm.org/
The Kogi People of Columbia
A very clear and strong message of living in harmony
Article (archived): Sacred Hoop (Highly recommended)
Article: crystalinks.com/kogi.html

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Karnac Temple, Thebes, Egypt
Karnac Temple, Thebes, Egypt. By David Roberts, 1849.
Yes, those are people way down there!